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General Info

We will run two groups per month : 1st to 14th and 15th to 28th       

Maximum number of volunteers per group is 24.

Accommodation is in en suite chalets : we have eight triple-bedded units. All beds have mosquito nets.

Although the beneficiaries will be Catholic institutions, we have no restrictions on the religion of our volunteers.



For the safaris : Photographic equipment; torch, small binoculars.

For the parish work : Working clothes including a sunhat.

We supply all bedding and towels, soap, shampoo and insect repellents. We offer a free laundry service.

We supply experienced builders and carpenters, all building tools and materials, all plants for veggie gardens, all chicks and rearing cages etc for chicken project, all fish and netting for fish farming project, all writing materials and books for academic support program.

You will need cash for lunches on transfer days (first and last days) and the two days in Kruger Park. Take some cash for personals and drinks. We supply free tea and coffee and drinking water. Our bar stocks cold drinks, wine and beer.

Bring swimming gear, sun hat, sunglasses and sun lotion. Good covered walking shoes.



Safety considerations for our volunteers are paramount. Our staff will drive you from Masango Camp to the Catholic Mission and remain with you all day. The communities are aware of the tremendous benefits they enjoy and will welcome you and see to it that no harm comes your way.

You can be certain that your involvement in these projects will not only be of immense practical value to the community but will also provide a truly wonderful sense of fulfilment to you, our valued volunteer.



Our projects have been designed so as to allow volunteers of different physical strength, talents and interests to choose the type of work they prefer.



Cement blocks are made on site. We collect river sand and use water supplied by the church.

The parish centre needs a lot of maintenance and repair work.

We will build rooms for the chicken rearing project, dams for the fish farming project and proper elevated vegetable gardens. The parish priest has requested building a crèche; ABET (Adult Basic Education and Training) for the elderly; a classroom to teach international languages, and a multi-purpose sports field catering for volleyball, basketball and netball.

In addition, we will build churches for outstations, where Holy Mass in some cases is presently being celebrated under a Marula Tree.



We will plant subsistence type veggies in elevated and manageable gardens. Water from the fish farms will be used to irrigate.



We supply day old chicks and teach the community how to successfully rear these. This will provide a constant source of protein. Fertiliser will be provided for veggie gardens.



We build small dams in which we rear Tilapia Mossambica.

The dams will be covered by netting to keep out kingfishers and fish eagles. Tilapia, a bream species, are quick growing and are excellent eating. Along with chickens, tilapia will provide good protein.



Volunteers will share their knowledge of academic work, especially in languages and mathematics. We will be guided by the local teachers.

Teacher support and training will also be given.



Individual talented volunteers will be afforded the opportunity to help improve skills in sports such as football, volleyball, netball and basketball.



Volunteers will help in an existing mat weaving enterprise. In addition to actual weaving, we shall improve marketing and sales.

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